China Beijing Equity Exchange CBEX

Founded in February 2004, China Beijing Equity Exchange (following refer as “CBEX”) is a comprehensive property rights trading organization approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s government. In the continuous development, it has been gradually positioned as “the market-oriented tool for the government to manage the economy”, “the sunshine platform to implement the source of anti-corrosion” and “the important builder and operator of the capital’s important market”.

Since its establishment, CBEX has always adhered to the principle of “standardization” and “innovation”, and insisted on the principle of “openness, fairness and fairness”, actively serving the central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises and public assets involved in transactions, covering the business scope of state-owned property rights transfer of enterprises, capital increase and share expansion of state-owned enterprises, asset transfer of state-owned enterprises and administrative institutions, housing lease of state-owned enterprises litigation assets disposal and other kinds of public resource transactions. CBEX has played an important role in helping state-owned assets to maintain and increase value, helping state-owned enterprises to reform the mixed ownership system, and promoting the development of strategic emerging industries.

Suzhou Industrial Park SUZHOU

In 1992, the idea of developing a modern industrial township with Singapore experience was broached. During his tour of southern China that year, China’s late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping said: “Singapore enjoys good social order and is well managed. We should tap on their experience, and learn how to manage better than them.”

After rounds of discussions and site surveys, both governments decided to join hands in developing a modern industrial park in the east of Suzhou. The China–Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (CS-SIP) was thus born on February 26, 1994 when Chinese Vice Premier Li Lanqing and Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew signed the Agreement on the Joint Development of Suzhou Industrial Park in Suzhou.

China State Power Investment Corporation SPIC

State Power Investment Corporation Limited(SPIC) was established in May 2015 through the merger of China power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation. Oriented by incorporating a state-owned capital investment company, SPIC is striving to become a pioneer in SOE transformation through building a new group with high standards and a high starting point.

SPIC is one of China’s top five power generators, an integrated energy group with power as its core. It has a total installed capacity of 126 GW, including 72.43GW of thermal power, 22.03GW of hydropower, 4.48 GW of nuclear power, 11.66GW of solar power and 13.73 GW of wind power, with clean energy accounting for 45.14% of the total, demonstrating a distinctive clean development feature. It supplies 422.6 TWh of power and 171 million GJ of heat per annum. It also owns a coal production capacity of 78.6 million tons per year (t/y), aluminum smelting capacity of 2.49 million t/y and railway transportation line of 627 km.

TSINGHUA Holdings Co., Ltd.

Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Tsinghua Holdings”) is a solely State-owned limited liability corporation approved by the State Council.

In September 2003, to incorporate enterprises under its control, Tsinghua University founded Tsinghua Holdings with a registered capital of 2.5 billion yuan ($395.13 million). In 2018, the company ranked No. 137 in China’s Top 500 enterprises by revenue and No. 3 by R&D efforts.

Tsinghua Holdings aims to intensively participate in and contribute to the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies and the commercialization of university scientific and technological research achievements. By connecting the university with superior social resources, it is poised to become a world-leading scientific and technological innovation transformation platform, a scientific and technological innovation investment and financing supporting platform, and a state-owned capital management platform. Tsinghua Holdings’ commitment to promoting scientific and technological achievement commercialization, innovation and entrepreneurship further supports the development of Tsinghua University as well as the maintenance and value appreciation of state-owned assets.

SSTEC Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center

Founded in 1973, Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center (SSTEC) is a non-profit organization affiliated to Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM). SSTEC is contributing to enhance the development of science and technology, economy, and society of Shanghai. All kinds of exchange and cooperation have been launched by SSTEC to stimulate the friendship with foreign counties, regions, organizations, universities and industries.

CEEC Innovation Center

CEEC Innovation Center is to build up an economical connection across the whole Europe, with the link to CEEC. The innovation center adopts marketization operation model by the Zhejiang Saichuang Weilai Venture Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. In order to establish a professional service platform, it would contain services of bringing in the talents, innovation and incubation, cultivation of the technology and technology transfer and the support of implementation. We are a start-up lab, an offshore incubation center, and an innovation service center.